Primus Eta Lite Stove

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The Primus Eta Lite is a compact all-in-one stove.


 - Sturdy locking mechanism 

 - Laminar Flow Burner Technology

 - Perfect for a solo trip or coffee break for two

 - The stove and all accessories, including a 100g gas cartridge can pack inside it’s pot.

 - Includes a foot support for use on uneven surfaces.


Gas is not included



Height (mm): 150

Diameter (mm): 100

Burn time: 59 min on 100 g

Season: 3 Seasons

Effect: 1500 W

Boiling time Regular Pot: 2:45 min (0,5 liter)

People: 1

Ignition: Piezo

Weight: 355 g

Volume: 500 ml